Support racial equity and help change Minnesota by meeting up with OAP this March to help fight racial and economic inequality in the Twin Cities. OAP is here to help get the message to political leaders that it is time for change. Minnesota is fighting to have true equality truly mean equal human rights for all.
Help us to work for racial justice and change the face of leadership at the State Capitol this March. OAP has been successful in changing policies by actively engaging with the public through apprenticeship training, as well as political leaders with annual Racial Report Cards. The report cards help reflect the meaning of racial equity building: empowering people of minority backgrounds and in lower economic standing.
For a better understanding of the report cards here is OAP’s 2005-2010 Racial Report Card, which includes a “five-year review of where state policymakers made progress and where they weakened opportunity.”

picOAP’s current report card reflects what we are working to achieve at the Capitol. Our plan:
• Focuses on reducing racial disparities;
• Expands access to institutions and public benefits for communities of color;
• Advances enfranchisement for communities of color;
• Protects against discrimination, racial violence and racial profiling;
• Preserves and strengthens American Indian tribal sovereignty;
• Is adequately funded; and
• Is enforceable, with mechanisms in place to monitor racial justice outcomes.

Join OAP on the hill for RACIAL JUSTICE WEEK on March 3-6, 2014 at the Saint Paul Capitol.

We would also like to invite you to a screening of the documentary film Slavery By Another Name. It will be hosted at the St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis on March 6th at 6:00 p.m., including a Q&A session with the director after the film.

Join us and help create change!

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