Racial Justice Training Week with OAP

Wednesday April 2, 2014: Organizers Apprenticeship Project hosted a Statewide course to further reach Alumni. The goal of the training is to provide ongoing support and skills to local and rural organizers in Minnesota.
The day began with a lecture from Sal Miranda, addressing the different areas of networking in a community. Group work followed, and the 15 organizers who attended worked in small groups to discuss methods and modes of communication they could use to improve their organizing efforts. Guest speakers made appearances and lectured on different topics, like probing organizers to ask themselves “who has oppressed you?”
One or two organizers from each table then named a person, place, thing or situation that has stood in the way of achieving their personal, professional or organizing efforts. This exercise and others like it help organizers transform frustration and anger into altruism and increased self-awareness, as well as better help and serve their communities and those in need.


One thought on “Racial Justice Training Week with OAP

  1. […] barriers against racial equity in Minnesota. At a recent OAP training (discussed in the previous post), the importance of these relationships and shaping individual values together for collective […]

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